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Notre Gamme Traditionnelle

Our family vineyard is located on three villages, mainly Soultzmatt but also 5 km around our village namely Westhalten and Rouffach. We have planted all the 7 grape varieties on our 48 plots, and even 8 to be more precise.



  • The "dry" varieties, that are gastronomy wines, are the Riesling (slightly acid and fruity), the Sylvaner (dry and fruity), the Pinot Blanc (supple without acidity) and the Muscat (fruity)
  • The semi-dry variety named Pinot Gris (formerly Tokay Pinot Gris), exists in several versions, semi-dry and sweet.
  • The fruity variety called Gewurztraminer is the fruitiest of the Alsatian varieties with its aromas of exotic fruit, lychee and rose. It is available in several versions which are more or less sweet, depending on the period of picking and of the number of grapes per vine stock.
  • The only variety enabling to make rosé or red wine is the Pinot Noir. We offer a range of 4 versions, all different from one another.
  • We have also planted a small plot of Chardonnay that enters the composition of our Crémant Blanc and our Edelzwicker which is a blended wine made from Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Muscat and Gewurztraminer.

We distil fruit at the winery with our personal still. The latest is the Muscat marc brandy which has been distilled by Daddy Fernand and our young son.

The whole of our vineyard is conducted in a responsible way, with an alternation of grassed row and worked row, and since recently we have been able to work under the vine lines with adapted equipment. The grapes are picked manually by a team of twelve pickers, the pressing is done directly and the fermentations take place in wooden tanks and in stainless steel tanks. The maturing is on fine dregs, before the bottling in the course of the next spring or summer on our domain.


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