Vins Blancs d'Alsace


A harmonious blend elaborated by Céleste Klein in the 50s. Composed of Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, Muscat and Gewurztraminer the Edelzwicker is appreciated for its fresh and light character. It matches well with starters, it is a thirst-quenching wine.

2017 vintage, in 100cl only at the winery and in 75cl on the site.



Gewurztraminer Vallée Noble - Prestige

It is the king of Alsace grape varieties. It has pronounced aromas, while keeping a nice freshness. Exotic aromas such as lychee, mango or pineapple come and excite your palate. This wine can be served with kougelhof at the aperitif, with strong cheeses such as Munster, goat's cheese or Roquefort.

2017 vintage in 75cl, and 2016 in 37,5cl


Gewurztraminer Douceur Hivernale

These grapes were picked one cold morning of December 2004 by -10°C on the heights of the village and then pressed immediately afterwards at low pressure in order to extract the sweetest and non frozen nectar of the grapes. It could be called "vin de glace" but that is a German designation ("Eiswein"). By its long ageing in the bottle, it gives off all the delicacy of the Gewurztraminer without the candied aromas of a "Grain Noble". To be appreciated in moderation at the aperitif or with a good Alsatian foie gras.

2004 vintage - 50cl - very small stock.




It is a light-bodied wine with a marvelous bouquet and fruit aromas as when you bite into a ripe grape at the harvest. Ideal for an aperitif, it is thirst quenching and dry. It goes well with asparagus in season and with melon. Some like it with seafood as well.

2015 Vintage – 75cl


Pinot Blanc

The Pinot Blanc, Grandpa Céleste Klein's favorite wine, became our first particular cuvee. It is a lively single-varietal wine which will highlight Alsatian dishes made from marinated meats like baeckaoffa or meat pie, onion tart and terrine.

Selected by the RVF in June 2016 – 15.5/20

2017 Vintage – 75 cl.

Pinot Gris

This variety which has been planted in Alsace for more than 400 years lost however its former designation as "Tokay" in 2007, the name being claimed back in 2006 by Hungary, the country of origin of the variety.


Le Pinot Gris traditionnel

This Pinot Gris is vinified as a dry wine ; fruity and pleasant, it is matches well with white meats, or even with fishes.

2016 vintage - 75cl and 37.5cl.


Le Pinot Gris Vallée Noble Prestige

The plots get a better exposure, which confers to this Pinot Gris a fruitier taste than the previous. Pleasant at the aperitif it goes also well with a smoked duck magret and foie gras salad, smoked salmon, a capon or a fish sauerkraut.

2017 vintage – 75cl.



Riesling Vallée Noble Prestige

A noble Alsatian variety, ideal in gourmet cuisine. It is a dry fruity wine in the best tradition with 4-5g of residual sugar. Ideal with grilled fishes, sauerkraut and poultry.

2017 vintage in 75cl and 1013 vintage in 37.5cl.



A simple lively wine, ideal for a foretaste with raw starters like radishes or carrots, as well as crustaceans. It enables the world to discover Alsace.

2014 vintage – 75 cl

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