Lieu dit Breitenberg

The locality (lieu-dit) called Breitenberg (meaning "wide hill" in Alsatian) is a terroir with a very beautiful exposure like the Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé. Its soil is silty sandy sandstone. We raise these vines like a grand cru, with a shorter pruning and an optimal advanced ripening. In this way we are happy to make high quality wines which are concentrated and fruity.


Riesling Lieu- dit Breitenberg

The grapes come from a small plot, the pruning of the vines is short thus giving small yields. As the manual harvesting takes place later than for the Riesling Prestige, it has more concentrated aromas with hints of peppery lemon. It matches ideally with fishes in sauce, cream scallops, or simply at the apéritif in summer. A beautiful vintage to keep.

2017 vintage – 75 cl

Pinot Gris Lieu- dit Breitenberg Cuvée Marion

This plot was converted to steep vine terraces in 1993 and was first harvested at our daughter's birth. Its exposure small yields confer it aromas of honey and undergrowth (woodruff). Ideal at the aperitif, with foie gras or deer chop cooked with fruit.

2016 vintage – 75 cl

Gewurztraminer Lieu- dit Breitenberg Cuvée Lucas

This plot was created in the continuation of the Pinot Gris plot, in steep terraces as well, in 2000 (at our son's birth).The aromas are delicate, les sweet than a Grand Cru yet harvested at the same period. It is enjoyed at the aperitif and with spicy Creole dishes.

2015 vintage – 75cl

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