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Gewurztraminer marc brandy

Distillation, a family story from father to son...

It is Grandpa Céleste who started the distillation of the Gewurztraminer marc in the 1945s. He owned a still, the curved piece being kept in the townhall until the day of distillation. Today it is Fernand, Eric's father, who deals with it. It usually takes place in mid-December, leaving the courtyard and the spirits in a soft perfume of macerated fruit.

The schnaps is made in two phases:

  • First phase – We distil  all the marc within two days (about 1000 kg), the brandy reaches then 30°

  • Second phase – We distil to a concentration of 50°

Another tradition is to cook a piece of ham in the still, in the middle of the marcs, it becomes then filled with an inimitable smell and taste…

Gewurztraminer marc brandy

It is elaborated from the marc of the destalked grapes from the Grand Cru plots. The fermentation is done in hermetic barrels before the fermentation two months later.

The other brandies and liqueurs

For about 10 years we have selected other brandies to diversify our range. Our fruit trees having become too old, the production was no more constant. Now our customers are wholly satisfied by our enlarged range:

  • the brandies:  William pear, raspberry, plum, Mirabelle 45°,
  • the liqueurs: gingerbread, violet and Mirabelle

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